Informational Design, Post 5

Source: Where things come from from Hardy Seiler on Vimeo.

For this blog post I found a motion video as an info graph. Being that our next project will focus on making a video it was relevant to explore how to use motion and moving objects to describe information. This video is using a lot of good transition and the voice speaking is making it all more interesting, mixed with some timed sound. It is using complex but simple illustration, keeping it accurate and abstract at the same time. You can understand the different objects through the most essential details and shapes, as well as the voice speaking, yet it is still using the 3d space with more geometrical feelings. One thing that could be done better and made it even more straight forward is the text used is in another language. This might have been made for a separate language original, but then if made in to another language this should be in considerate. For when watching the video, not understanding the text made it less efficient and felt less intentional compared to how it could have been with an accurate text.

Source: The app called Maps, on Apple Iphone.

As for my informational graph found in everyday life I am looking at the instruction for maps on my phone. It is showing how to get from one place to another through transit, and in this case through bus. Being Seattle there are usually pretty descent options, and this app does an ok job explaining the route and the buses to take. The way the first screen (left photo) is showing a map with a line between start and finish is helpful to get the overview. By also adding the smaller dots, looking the same as start/finish only smaller, makes the viewer understand that those are bus stops, but not the end. To show the place where one needs to switch bus, the dot becomes all blue and there are an address above as well as the numbers of the busses. It is copying the icons from below. By having the green dot on the end it is clear which dot is the goal compare to the starting point. Under the map we can see more clearly how long the trip will take as well as how many transits and which buses to take. When clicking on the route there comes up description describing the trip step by step for an even more clear direction. When clicking on the GO button it will show the screen below. By using a darker color behind the main text it creates contrast to easier follow along, and the line is divided on the places to show where to walk etc. The information in the app is pretty straight forward and even more so, it is using consistency in color, shapes, lines, icons etc. This makes it easier to understand the steps which makes it easier to follow along if needed.img_0759Source: The app called Maps, on Apple Iphon


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