Informational Design, Post 4



This infographic is showing how to think about putting together your linked-in account. It is interesting to me how they chose to show it through a sandwich, using a food item, when talking about being professional. However, the use of photography in this infographic seems to be working well with a clear sense of direction, contrast of color but still within the same color scheme. It does a good job of a showing the different layers, making it easy to follow every step. Especially since most people have made their own sandwich at some point, it is likely to be easy to relate to for many people. For me this works, it is a fun and cleaver way to look at key content. It drew me in to be interested in reading more and a fun and visual way of understanding information that otherwise can be less fun or overwhelming. However, I can also see it not working, with people wanting to have it more serious being an important information.



From: Sleep cycle, app.

For this one I am using an example of information that I get through a sleeping app that I started using a couple nights ago. It shows me how long I have slept each night, and my average hours per night. It also shows more specifically how I am sleeping in terms of being awake but in bed, sleep and deep sleep. It also shows how many steps I have taken during the day. Overall I like this info graphs. It does the job of letting me know how I am sleeping and for how long, which in the long run can help me decide when the best hours for sleeping are. I do wish the graphs on the top showed more clearly where the limit of sleeping, deep sleeping or being awake are. The line weight and colors are easy to read with good use of contrast and clear and simplistic design.


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