Informational Design, Post 3


This infographic above is showing how to best avoid Jet lag when traveling, and it goes from before to after. It is divided in to three different sections, and they are all separated through the background color. I think the info graph is working overall, there is a clear direction on where to look through numbers telling the order but also through a line that is following the path down. The line helps showing when to look on the right or on the left side. The illustrations are mostly consistent with line weight and color palette, however on some parts they seem a little crowded. I do enjoy the overall graphs feel being that it has more of a story to tell, and not just shows the information. It is as we go from space in to the air and then are landing on the ground, tying in to what they are talking about jet lag and flying etc. Going from cloud to cloud when showing the information helps leading your eyes and it makes it easier to relate to what is said.

From Blue Apron.

For the information design found in environment I am looking at one from Blue Apron. Blue Apron sends out prepared meals, with groceries all ready to cook right away. These designs are then a form of recipe, to help guide in what order to use the produce and how. They are doing a good job of keeping it clean and clear, and it is helpful to see the photographs. This is an example where it is working well to see photographs, compared to illustrations. On the front (left image) we can see an overview of the finished meal, and underneath is the specific ingredients needed. I really enjoyed how they showed these in the accurate amount,  and in such a clear way. It makes it easier to make sure you have all you need in a faster way. On the back there is more text with instructions, but on their left side there are images showing the process, and having those numbers and images is often helpful when cooking. The color, use of whitespace and icons are working well for this sort of design and it is easy to know where to look and what to do.


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