Informational Design, post 2



The image shows information about the tube in London, and works as a map. The point of it is to show people where the different tubes go and where they connect, so that if you are traveling underground you can figure out which tube to take and from where etc. It uses different colors to do so and each color represents a tube, and you can find the matching one in the right lower corner. To the left lower corner you can see an explanation of the icons, which could be helpful for people who’ve never used it before. The majority of the information can be seen in the center, where are the lines are drawn out exactly where the different tubes go. This really helps to clearly know where some of them meet and what directions they will go. It shows how much the color can give information, for even though there are many lines going different directions, it is easy to figure out which goes where. This is helpful when planning a trip etc.

As for the second info graph I am looking at one that is on the package of a laundry detergent. It is showing both instruction on how to use it as well as information on the detergent itself. On the front (right image) there are multiple icons showing different information. On the top there are a straight forward illustration explaining how to open and close the bag. A little underneath it, to the right, there are three icons showing how the detergent is using a 3in1 method. This is shown well by having the same shape background and the same color and style for all of them, connecting them even more with the plus icons which people easily recognize fast. To the left corner there are symbols showing the danger of the detergent. On the back (left image) there are also multiple icons used to convey information. The main one is shown with a blue background, giving it more contrast and standing out. The information are showing instructions on how many tablets that are needed for the size of laundry. The icons themselves also seems more detailed and are more realistically colored, which helps with the standing out part. Overall I think the icons are working well and they help show the information. The colors are used well, matching the overall colors but at the same time contrasting enough to be seen.


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