Informational Design Post 1


In the infographic above it is explained and shown how the social media are affecting people. This might feel a little extreme but it is an interesting way of looking at how social media are affecting people. It is still a relatively new research, however this infographic seems to be accurate with a lot of research and sources to back it up. It is using color codification as well as shapes codification to keep consistency. There are blue circles throughout the illustration that shows focal point and therefore helps the information to be more efficient. The line weight feels consistent overall as well as the color. By using a more calm background color the orange and blue stands out, which also helps in knowing where to look.

FullSizeRender.jpgFrom: JVC Emerald FT/FL Series Quick Start Guide.

This is an infographic I found the other day when figuring out how to connect my DVD-player to the TV. It is originally in black and white, which to me makes it harder to understand. It would have been a lot more effective is they had used color codification. Especially when trying to match the right cable to the right outlet. Instead I had to do more of a trial and error version to figure it out. There are some words but mostly it is just illustrations, however the lines and arrows helps to show the instructions in a more efficient way. The layout of the graphs could be position in a more straightforward way as well, and I think some more whitespace would help.



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