Vis Com 3 – Informal Interview

For my informal interview I met up with a designer who works with branding at Nordstrom, Lisa Liedgren. She works within branding, creating catalogs and postcards etc. for current customers. During our meeting we talked about general design, branding, and about the company Nordstrom. It was especially interesting to hear how the company has been print based for many years and are now shifting focus to web/UI design and how this changes the way the designers work and think, as well as how they need to find new ways to brand. She also explained about the different teams they have for their specific audiences, and after this class I can understand why; knowing how important it is to know who you are creating a design for when you want to brand a product. One need to consider the audience and be intentional about style and words. We also talked about differences between in-house and small firms, as well as freelancing. She has tried them all and gave me some good feedback on what to except from each of it. She also made really good comments about how when considering working with branding, or design overall, I should think about what I can offer and what I want out of the job, and not only on what the job offers me.

For the meet up we first met at a coffee shop to talk and afterwards Lisa showed me around her office at the Nordstrom building, explaining briefly about the different teams set up and how the company works. She also introduced me to a colleague, Bonnie Dain, who works in another branding team,focusing on potential and new costumers. Being in the office space was so much fun, and I loved seeing how the designers are work in a real space. Seeing how they have their design layouts and guidelines up on the walls, accessible for all the designer on the floor. A way for them to all see the whole brand specifics for the season so that the designers can refer back to make all designer consistent.