Vis Com 3 -Logo/flag design

Logo and flag design is similar in the disciplines and criteria that they have for designing. The fact that simplicity, few colors and symbolism are what makes a design strong. Both needs to be able to work on small and large sizes and be clear enough to be remembered. They both need to be distinctive and have a thought process behind the finished design, so that it really shows its meaning through its design.
The differences however are that logo design doesn’t always have to be so simple that a child can draw it, and it can use letters if done right. A flag design will be used by all people, while a logo could be directed more towards a specific audience.

I think I might be focusing a little too much on how to use the letters and too much on the  word itself, instead of looking at the meaning behind it to come up with a more abstract but meaningful logo. I should think more about what I want it to symbolize and what I want people to feel and see when they look at it, rather than how the word is shown. Maybe thinking about how people evolve and move forward, so looking more at movement and how that can shape a form etc.

I think for me the video makes me want to use my logo in a simple design that can go on basic products people use in their everyday life. I would also want to focus on using patterns or texture in doing so. That way it will be something that is remembered and an easy access for marketing. It could be a coaster for drinks that are served, on coffee cups etc. Somehow using material in a way that people would want to use and feel proud of owning, instead of just a simple logo on a paper.
From the video I learned that the design principles are important to always think about, in all sorts of design. The make a big difference, and even if I know them it is always refreshing to hear them again and look at ones design in perspective.


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