VisCom 3 – 13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations

For this week we were asked to read an article about presenting your work: It talks about what to think about not doing when presenting your own work. I found it very interesting and very helpful to read, and I can agree to the points the author is making. Both as something I myself have done, and other things I’ve seen other people do. Presenting your work really is an important part for if you aren’t showing that you believe in your own work, why would other people believe in it? Most of the information I have heard before, however this was more clear and straightforward. Making the information really sink in and it made me realize how important it is to practice critique and how important it is to present it well. Especially how bad it is to apologize for your work, not being confident. Some of the new information is to not talk too much about fonts, being so used to critiquing in class where we all talk in those terms.

I myself often find that I am a people pleaser, and I always want people to be happy. While this can be a good thing most times, within design I can see it become too much of me pleasing people giving them what they ask for and wants, rather than giving them what they would need. Which in the end will be less helpful for everyone. Telling people my real opinion would give them more out of me, than me trying to just please them. Another point I can see myself being guilty of sometimes is reacting to a question as change request. I don´t think it´s as extreme as it sounds in the article, I do most often answer the question. It would refer more to after answering question, and comes together with the people pleasure. I can see myself being willing to change to please someone, rather than defending my choices.

For me, when doing student work, the professor is the main client, since he/she is the one deciding the main topic, the timeline and in the end will approve it. In some part however, depending on the class, I myself could in a way be seen as part of being the client when deciding names, direction and making most of the decisions. For the most part though, the professor giving me the assignments will be the client that I should present and work for.


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