VisCom 3 – Critique

For this blogpost we have been asked to critique a conference design. I chose the one below because I was really intrigued by the use of line and patterns. It feels cohesive throughout out the design with similar weight of line works, similar color scheme and shapes being repeated.

The variation of pattern and the use of white space and simple designs gets your attention, and helps the viewer focus on the focal point. The poster design especially does this, and it also plays with hierarchy through size differences and color. The way act is spelled out through the use of color makes a big impact and creates an interest in learning more about it. It catches your eyes through the contrasting color, and makes you stop and think for a moment.

One thing that I feel is missing is a chance to find out more about the topic. This could be fixed by adding a few sentences or a link for people who are interested. Now this would need to be done so that it doesn’t take away too much of the negative space, and so that the design itself is still simple. I would also want to see a little bit more of variation in the use of patterns, color and space. It all works great together but could potentially have a tendens of becoming too unified, not bringing enough contrast or interaction with people throughout the whole design.



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