Vis Com 2 – Unit 8, Expert Paths and Collaborations

In unit 8, the last chapter in Graphic Design School, the book talks about the different paths that we have read about, and their different skills needed as well as the ups and downs one might have within the specific area. It goes into details within subjects such as Logo design and brand identity, motion graphics, web design, editorial design, environmental graphic design as well as advertising and information design and data visualization. At the moment, my interests lies mostly between logo design, web design and advertisement. I will therefore look more closely at those in this blog post.
For Logo design, one will create logo, branding, for clients. It will involve a process of research, collecting information and forming a logo that shows their identity through form and symbols etc. Detail oriented, flexible and well developed design and problem-solving skills are some things that makes someone a great identity developer.
For web design, one has to be interested in emerging media. This includes some coding such as HTML and Css, and one needs to be kept updated about trends within the world of the web, as well as the evolving technology. Web designers mostly create and perfect clients online presence and identity.
As for Advertising, the designers job is to find innovative and convincing ways to sway the public consciousness, through commercial advertising, as wells as to promote social change and raising awareness of local and global issues such as health etc. Good skills to have are artistic ability with a clever visual thinking, research skills and knowledge of customer psychology and cultural tastes, ability to work under deadlines and pressure and cultural currency.

For the outside source I decided to look around and read about differences between some of the careers, to figure out if I feel like one or the other would be a good fit for me. I found a web site which is talking about being a graphic designer versus web designer.
On we can read that for the graphic design field one should put art first, they will have a one-way relationship with their audience, emphasize visual theory in their designs. They should focus on how a design communicates a message to its audience and they only get one chance to succeed once it´s sent to print.
In contrast, a web designer should see the art as a way to leverage technology, they will have a mutual interaction with their audience, employ an engineering approach to their designs, predict how a design will make its audience feel and react and they need to know how to design for versatile mediums (i.e, laptop, tablet, smartphone) as well as knowing some more technical skills (i.e., coding and programming). Being a web designer also means that one can develop and enhance their work over time.
Looking at these we can see a clear difference in the personality that might work better between the two design fields. I am still not sure which one fits me better, but it´s helpful to see what´s out there and to start consider what would be a better fit.

Here is an example of an creative advertisement. The designer makes the audience thinks beyond commercial things, and goes into environmental awareness. The earth is slowly melting and they are showing it through an ice cream, something that everybody somehow can relate to and therefore are more likely to be affected by the information.

Here is another example of an advertisement that are using a creative idea. They are playing with the public consciousness in that they are waiting for the bus, and the designer are putting a poster right by the bus-stop. Therefore they know that they are all waiting, and can play with this information in a way that might bring their attention.

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.03.37 PM.pngSource:
This one shows a good example of taking a logo design, and bringing it into a branding. This would be part of the job for someone working within Logo Design, as part of creating the logo itself. It often includes creating the whole identity for a client.

This is a long picture, but it explains Logo Design in a fun way, and shows how long a process can be and what it might include. It´s not only about creating a logo, but there is a lot of research and thoughts that needs to happen in the process.


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