Unit 3 – Typography

This week we are looking at typography: its anatomy, styles and what to think about when choosing and using it. To start, Graphic Design School by David Dabner gives as a look at typography and why it is important to know the anatomy and some history. Some of those things are to help see the differences between what´s good or bad, what´s working and not working in different situations. These would be things like x-heights, serif versus san-serif, descender and ascender and the different classifications etc. After looking at all of these, it´s good to think about when you would use what style and why. Is it a display or body text? Is it for publication or book?
Another important part to think about when it comes to typography can be to consider emphasis and hierarchy, and how to convey the right feel, and show the important words, by the use of multiple elements such as contrast and position, the weight of the font, contrast between size and weight as well as typestyle. Before starting on the designs, it´s therefore important to consider what it is that you want to convey and how that´s best done.
Looking more into how text works for products we can read online, at fonts.com (http://www.fonts.com/content/learning/fontology/level-2/text-typography/text-emphasis),that text emphasis is a valuable technique, especially to help the reader see special words and key phrases. Before deciding which form of emphasis would work best for a specific usage, it´s good to consider whether one wants to create a soft emphasis or a strong one. When that´s decided, some things to decide between according to the article is: Italics or obliques, Bold (weight contrast), All caps, Type size and style as well as color or tint.
I also found an article, (http://www.creativebloq.com/typography/give-your-brand-personality-31514414), talking about typography used for logos, and the importance of using the right type that fits the company´s personality. Type can sometimes be overlooked at as tool but actually plays a big role. The article talks about how people are starting to find more unique formed type, creating their own to fit their style and to be original. It also talks about how a font needs to work as a unity and fit multiple purposes, and then states that “When creating new typefaces for brands, the conversations between brand and typographer need to be extremely thorough in order to achieve the right personality and an appropriate tone of voice” (creativebloq).
We can therefore learn that typography itself is important to know as a designer, not only what looks good or not but why and when to use what, what the different options are and what they all convey. Anatomy, classes and more importantly the spacing is a big part of it and will affect the end result.

A Peek Inside The Prettiest Nail Salon You’ve Ever Seen

Here is an example where multiple emphasis of the text are being used. The color, size and weight are all different, but there´s still unity with the font style which creates a balance still.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 1.05.35 PM
This logo is using font as a main tool, however they have changed the K to give a personality and to make it more original. They are also using different weights to help emphasize the Kay, and create a more interesting style.


This poster is using a more settle difference in size, but also adding bolder text as well us underlining som things, to help with the emphasis and focal points. They are also using a letter as an abstract object.

This picture are using text as an image. The text itself reads hide, and then the letter are hiding in under the ground, creating a deeper visual meaning to it.

This picture are using fonts to finish the picture, and therefore in a way also using text as a meaning to show a message stronger.


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