Unit 2 – Vis Com 2

For this week we are looking at Unit 2. To start with it talks about different principles and basic compositions such as negative and positive space, symmetry versus asymmetry etc. It then goes on to talk more about layouts. How the grid system is important and how it works as well as looking at designing magazine layouts, pace and contrast, size and format and branding. For me, I´m finding an interest in the magazine layouts as well as branding. For magazine layouts not only is it important to look at the layout itself using grid and structure, but also to consider symmetry versus asymmetrical styles, pace and contrasting different elements. It´s interesting to read about the fact that few things are actually design to be a stand alone pieces – especially when it comes to branding. Logos and campaigns have to belong together, they have to have common design elements that both binds and identifies them. This happens through coordinating a design strategy that is flexible and allows for changes and variations while still being consistent. This could through keeping designs the same with the ability to change its colors, images and titles but still keep the same elements in type, size etc. In our text book Graphic Design School we can read how “Well thought-out extended systems are the building blocks for complex design projects” (53), meaning that when creating a Corporate identity it is important to think about design and extension of brand that can be used over and over again on multiple applications.

When working on designing a layout it´simportant to think about contrast. Contrast is as we know an important part of the composition, and it needs to be thought about more  than just as light and dark color values. All elements of contrast should work together in a layout or design to create a well-designed and well-tohught design. On the site http://blog.digitaltutors.com/just-black-white-using-contrast-get-attention-graphic-designs/ we can learn more about these different ways of looking at contrast. Not only within color, but with size in text, typography, shape etc. It also doesn´t have to be screaming with contrast, but it could be settle and still make a big difference.

When looking at branding it is also good to think about what it actually means to work with brand identity, and on the website https://creativemarket.com/blog/2013/07/23/designing-a-brand-identity we can find out that “A Brand (or Branding) refers to the perceived image and subsequent emotional response to a company, its products and services…An Identity describes the visual devices used to represent the company” (creativemarket.com). It therefore is essential that the branding communicates what the company stands as well as important to look at what the company are trying to sell and how.
Further down we can see some examples and tips on how to work on branding projects, and “The identity system usually starts after the logo is complete. The purpose of the identity system is to form a systematic visual language around the logo — one that compliments the design thinking of the logo and offers a family of useful, flexible elements that will help to design marketing and business collateral” (creativemarket.com). When designing brand identity for businesses it can be helpful to start with a logo, and from there on work with the font, color and elements used to create a whole set of brand.


Here is a fun example of branding, where the Logo-type is used on all applications, the color scheme is the same which gives it all a unity but at the same time they are using different photographs to get variation and to make it work for different medium.
Source: http://www.aldenchong.com/moodboard/


A second example that are using unity well to communicate a brand identity. The text works as their logo and seems to be based out of that, with the pictures of the fruits as the second object to brand. Even though the fruit keeps changing, it has the same feel and therefore works as something recognizable within the identity.
source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/562527809687524047/

This poster is using a good example of contrast between colors, as well as type and size. It has an asymmetry and uses multiple directions for the text which keeps the viewer interested. source: https://www.behance.net/gallery/25110179/Poster-by-Xavier-Esclusa-M32-Hairdressers-

Here we can see an example using contrast between photography and graphics. It is more settle but still creates an interesting difference. It also plays with the negative and positive space a little bit, using the black and white. Especially on the lower picture. The big numbers also adds contrast, as well using the same style of black and white and graphics helps with keeping the unity between all of the pieces. source: https://pinthemall.net/pin/52e7ac7826718/



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