In this week we are looking at concrete objects and structures, which has more to do with different elements and not necessarily about the concrete material you first would think about . For this section, the book Visual Grammar talks about multiple themes and different styles such as texture, color, gradient etc. It starts by talking about concrete objects, which are objects that are within contour lines and defining the shape or form, and that these can be either straight or curved. Some examples of concrete forms would be geometric form which is based on mathematical facts, organic form which is made or based on living things and random forms which are made by random sequences such as reproduction, unconscious human actions etc. Other things the book explains is size, how it is relative to the viewers perspective, and should be thought about when deciding where and what format it is design with. I also really liked how Christian Leborg explained the colors, and used the books theme of color to explain the hues, lightness / darkness and saturation. In comparison to my last blog post, this week we could read how the concrete structure is more used as a visual composition, while the abstract structures are used more to indicate how the objects are positioned.
When looking at outside sources I wanted to understand more about color, both being that it sounded a little briefly explain and since we recently talked about it in class as well. On the site x it talks about color and the relationship with light, explaining how the light is a radiant energy, and how that energy is made with short electric vibrations or wavelengths. These wavelengths are then what creates colors for the human eye, and sunlight is especially creating colors being that it contains all wavelengths in comparison to electrical light that sometimes only show a few wavelengths leading to some color being black instead. I find this fascinating and almost hard to grasp, that all colors we see are based on light. Even though I have worked with colors in previous classes, I never before actually thought too much about it.
I also looked at texture, and what importance it can do to a design. When adding a  texture it can help adding depth as well as unity within designs. On the website it is read that a
texture helps carry a design and by knowing how to use a texture to communicate the right mood could make a design more successful. On we can read more about textures, and the effects it can give in web design. A texture can help guiding the viewer and help to bring out the focal point and the important key elements. It also talks about there being pros and cons within using the texture, and that a design shouldn’t be fully based on in, it is more a help and not main element. Texture can help bring out text and headlines, but it could also take away from the legibility so it is important to be careful about what texture that is used and how much contrast in it.


Here is a picture showing how sunlight sends wavelength on the leafs and our brain then seeing this wave as being green. Source:

Minimalist Graphic Art of Geometric Shapes by ngrafik

Minimalist Graphic Art of Geometric Shapes by ngrafik

Graphic Design with Geometric Shapes by ngrafik

Graphic Design with Geometric Shapes by ngrafik

Here are two examples of using geometric shapes in graphic designs,  Source:


Here we can see how the size of objects makes a difference to viewers. In the left we perceive it as more realistic, with the big mountains and the biker being normal human size compared to nature. On the right on the other hand, the man looks like a giant and are bigger than the city, which in reality doesn’t make sense. Sources: and


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